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The Law's To Live By

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The Law's To Live By

Post by Master on Fri Mar 11, 2016 7:22 pm

General Rules

  • Thou Shalt Not Be A Dick To Thine Fellow Guild Members. [Provide evidence]
  • Thou Shalt Not Be A Dick To Newbies. [Provide evidence]
  • Thou Shalt assist in guild projects.              
  • If you are on a contract or have asked to be added to a paid contract you will assist in any project for as long as you are able. Unless discussed otherwise with the Officers and guild master.

  • Thou Shalt keep thine free will. Unless you choose to relinquish it.
  • No Pornographic material of any kind will be displayed publicly. (keep it in PM's You dirty people.)
  • "Common sense" will be applied to each rule.
  • Real life comes first.
  • All of the rules are situational and all punishments will be a case to case basis and will be voted upon by the Guild Officer's and Guild Master.
  • All players have the right to advance through "the rank's" With the exception of Guild Master. [Information will be provided for this at a later date.]

    Role-Play Rules

  • Stay in character unless you use (This is an example of when we are roleplaying I type in brackets like this when im not roleplaying so people know I'm not talking in character.)
  • Don't take the actions / words of "characters" to heart.
  • Please make a character profile of your own making or use the example profile. [I will create a basic layout for profiles soon]
  • Try to stick to the base-line story, but feel free to use unique stories after posting them publicly and Including the members whom are participating in a list for the convenience of other players. [I will post examples]
  • After completing a role-play session please summarize any activity that advances the story/plot - Personal story and guild story included. on the appropriate forum / topic [I will add them when I get the chance]
  • Feel free to participate in ERP both on the forum or otherwise you will not need to post a summery unless something plot / story driven occurs. ]No pornographic images of any kind are allowed keep it in the PM's]
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